This concert is going to be an Off the Wall Thriller that will Shake Your Body Down like a Smooth Criminal. Please excuse the Bad word play, but the world’s greatest and longest-running Michael Jackson tribute band is ready to Rock with You at Resorts World Casino New York City this Saturday. The group, Who’s Bad, has ignited crowds from China to Brazil with its power-packed music, velvety vocals and ability to copy the King of Pop’s every groove and gravity-defying move. Basically, one performer looks, shakes and sings like the Gloved One, while the others dance like him and the musicians sound like his musicians.

Details: Who’s Bad in Concert, Resorts World Casino New York City, 110-00 Rockaway Boulevard, Jamaica, August 30th, 8 pm, free for the first 1,000.

Bonus: Resorts World will also host Soca, Bollywood, Auto, Boxing, Muay Thai, Italian Music and Comedy in the near future. Click here for more info.

Photo by Who’s Bad


Walk into any NYC bookstore, and they’ll have plenty of titles on display related to Brooklyn and Manhattan. But ask for books that take place in Queens, and you might get a blank stare. The literature covering our borough may not be marketed as aggressively, but it does exist – so we took it upon ourselves to uncover some of the novels, short story collections, and memoirs set in Queens neighborhoods. Here’s our guide; maybe you’ll find a few titles to add to your wishlist.


Forgotten Borough: Writers Come to Terms with Queens, edited by Nicole Steinberg (2011)

Nicole Steinberg grew up between Corona and Jackson Heights, and her lifelong love of Queens led her to put together this collection of contemporary stories, essays, and poems. To give you a sampling of the voices and neighborhoods found within the anthology: Julia Alvarez writes about racial integration in Jamaica Estates, Marcy Dermansky writes about going into labor while eating at Cafe Bar in Astoria, Margarita Shalina writes about watching gas tanks get blown up in Maspeth, and John Weir writes about a gay Queens College professor spending time at a pornographic movie theater in East Elmhurst.