The Queens County Farm Museum, at Little Neck Parkway south of 73rd Road, occupies 47 acres in the heart of Glen Oaks, Queens, New York as the Agricultural Museum of New York: its croplands and orchards are being used to demonstrate the history of agriculture to students and visitors. The Museum staff and volunteers harvest apples and grow herbs, squash, tomatoes and other standard market vegetables, which are sold from a farm stand on the grounds on selected days during the week.

The Farm Museum holds educational tours and student workshops cover horticultural technology, farm life history and food preparation. You will find friendly cows, goats and sheep begging for handouts, which are provided to you, although there are signs telling you what not to feed them (as fruit tends to ferment in the ruminants’ multiple stomachs).  The Museum is the staging area for several annual events, such old-fashioned county fairs, an annual Native American pow-wow and an antique car show. Consult the Museum’s events calendar for details.