There’ve been a few new contributions to My Brownstone recently–all of which we’ll highlight over the next few days. One stands out in particular for its hardcore renovation pics. After buying this Carroll Gardens brownstone from a family who’d been there for forty years with nary an upgrade the entire time, our fearless contributors proceeded to save what they could and reimagine what they couldn’t. Among other things, this included created a double height living room at the rear of the house. In addition to the drama of the photos above, they’ve included some genuine live-action contractor shots as well.
Carroll Gardens Brownstone [My Brownstone]


If you’ve been wondering why some residents of PLG feel so strongly about their nabe, one look at the facade of this 1899 brick and limestone will clue you in. Only the third occupant in the house’s history, the current owner found a completely original interior when he moved in, including unpainted woodwork and old wallpaper. Like yesterday’s new arrival to My Brownstone, we can’t wait ’til he starts posting interior photos.
Lefferts Manor House [My Brownstone]


Now that we finally got off our ass and found someone to fix the bug that had been plaguing My Brownstone for the past few months, the flood gates are opening! We’ve seen a bunch of new sign-ups over the last few days and a couple folks actually started uploading photos over the weekend. One of them claims that the addition he built to his South Slope brick house is the “best party room in Brooklyn!” We’ll let you be the judge of that. Check it out on the link.
South Slope Brick [My Brownstone]


Below is the first-hand account of the owner of House #4 on last weekend’s Bed Stuy house tour. It’s a pretty incredible story that should be inspiration and solace for any brownstone renovators who are feeling overwhelmed by the road ahead. Heck, it puts our recent plumbing problems in serious perspective. Hats off to you.

My mother and I shared a 3 bedroom condo in Fort Greene for 11 years when we decided that we wanted a house. Unfortunately, by this time, brownstones in Fort Greene were out of reach, especially since we both agreed that we did not want to be landlords. Our goal was to find a 4-story brownstone that we could us as a Mother/Daughter–with each of us occupying two floors. Our search took us to Bedstuy, a place where neither one of us had ventured before. We saw a lot of crappy sheet-rocked houses but we wanted original details.

After a year of searching, I gave up. However, some time thereafter, my mother received a call from a seller whom she had contacted the year before. Because I was so disgusted by the whole process, I initially refused to go but my mother insisted. The legal 3-family house had no electricity, so the seller showed us some of the house using a hand-held light powered by a neighbor’s electricity. From what we could see, the bottom two floors had details galore. After weeks of negotiations (the sellers were investors who we flipping the house), we had the house inspected (the seller took the engineer around with the had held light) and entered into a contract after being told that the house needed some updates, but was relatively in move-in condition. Unfortunately, not the case.


The proud owner of an 1899 brownstone in Crown Heights has taken his obsession to a new level. Witness these artworks made from the salvaged house parts–cut nails, a sash pulley, a hinge–that he recently constructed. While you’re at it, check out the beautiful parlor-floor living room as well as some other recent updates.
A Jewel in the Crown [My Brownstone]


We were happy to see that the owner of 56 Cambridge decided to step it up a notch and continue the discussion of the renovation of his 1863 Neo-Tudor woodframe house. He’s put up seven photos of the house in its current state (including this one of the temporary wood beams used to shore up the ceiling) and plans to keep us current as this exciting restoration progresses. Though we haven’t figured out how to add a Comments section to My Brownstone, we’ll do periodic posts here on the front page which should provide adequate room for discussion. We encourage other people embarking on renovations to follow suit and set up an account on My Brownstone.
The Haunted House [My Brownstone] GMAP
Starting Work at 56 Cambridge [Brownstoner]


The owner of today’s Central Slope house won it at public auction back in October 2004. Since then, he and his wife have been focusing on the interior renovation, including a gut of the parlor floor. In addition, they are digging the floor in the cellar and adding a roofdeck to capitalize on the expansive views. Take a tour today on My Brownstone.
Central Slope Reno [My Brownstone]