The interior of this single-family Midwood house looks like a shopping mall or cruise ship, but we have to give the architect points for not designing a typical McMansion on the outside. There is perhaps a bit too much going on, particularly with the second story balcony, but overall the facade is refreshingly original — at least we’ve never seen anything like it. We like the asymmetry and the curious window detail on the bottom left.

Although the listing says it’s a one-family, it also says there’s a separate one-bedroom, one-bath apartment with its own entrance in the basement. In the owner’s triplex, there are five bedrooms and two baths. There’s also a fountain, pictured above, marble floors and a “breath grasping chandelier,” as the listing puts it.

Sheepshead Bites noted the ask of $1,850,000 is about twice what houses usually go for in Midwood. Think they’ll get it?

1133 East 24th Street [Oxford Property Group] GMAP