Welcome to The Insider, Brownstoner’s Thursday series exploring how we furnish and decorate our homes here in the county of Kings. The Insider is produced and written by Cara Greenberg, a longtime Brooklyn resident and design journalist who blogs at casaCARA: Old Houses for Fun and Profit.

She loves color; he literally can’t see it. She came to the relationship with dark wood furniture and velvet upholstery; he’s a fan of mid-20th century design. When Tove Hermanson, a fashion culture writer and blogger, and Jeffrey Leib, a database consultant, both refugees from Manhattan, moved into their first shared apartment — a rented upper duplex in an 1850s Pacific Street brownstone — this was the unconventional result.

The living room is lavender, the dining room red, the kitchen orange, the bedroom green, and the study/guest room blue. “To me, it was important not to have white walls,” says Tove (pronounced Tova) in a masterpiece of understatement. “Jeffrey is color-blind, so we had to negotiate what he could see and what didn’t look hideous to him.” Their furnishings range from “industrial/do-it-yourself” and late Victoriana to Design Within Reach.

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