Image Source: Core Ensemble

Consider it the Art All Star Game. Great poetry, composition, music, art, song and acting. Great fashion too. On February 8, the York College Performing Arts Center will host Of Ebony Embers, basically the poetry of the Harlem Renaissance brought to life with music by the Core Ensemble. While one actor portrays multiple characters, he interacts with the musicians who jam the cello, piano and percussion. An homage to the Harlem Renaissance, this performance examines the lives of three outstanding African-American poets, Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen and Claude McKay, as seen through the eyes of another world-renowned African-American artist, the painter and muralist Aaron Douglas. To top it off, Broadway/television veteran Akin Babatunde directs this work, which he wrote.

Of Ebony Embers
York Performing Arts Center
94-20 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, Jamaica
Friday, February 8
8pm – 10pm|$10


Image source: Wikimedia Commons – Langston Hughes in 1936

On Saturday, February 9, the Queens Library’s Langston Hughes Community Library and Cultural Center in Corona-East Elmhurst (100-01 Northern Boulevard – GMAP) will be nationally recognized at a Literary Landmark by United for Libraries. Each year the library holds a Langston Hughes Celebration and it will be during that event – the 28th annual – that a plaque will be placed at the library. All are welcome and admission is free!