What’s up with that giant building on 31st Street near the Ditmars stop in Astoria?

There’s a very substantial building being built on 31st Street near 23rd Ave – if you take the N/Q to/from Ditmars and look out the east windows, you can’t miss it. Turns out it will be an 8 story office building with enough parking for 135 cars, which is a lot for this neighborhood that doesn’t really have much in the way of off-street parking. They seem to be making quick progress on the building, too. The address is 23-25 31st Street (GMAP).

In the Rockaways, the hipsters are dropping in on surfers and they totally don’t like it, dude

Gothamist wrote about the hullaballoo going on in the Rockaways, where novice surfers – AKA “hipsters” – are “dropping-in” (catching a wave another surfer is already on) on the hot wave action and harshing everyone’s mellow. This is a common, yet unpleasant, social infraction in the world of surfing, and we are hopeful that the veteran surfers are appropriately schooling the n00bs – after all, how do you learn if you’re not taught?

From a different perspective, a worker at Boarders Surf Shop says about the hipsters, “Rockaway used to have ‘Playland.’ After that, development was stagnant. Now they are bringing a whole movement that is a different culture. They’re bringing in a lot of business. I think it’s good for the community.”

New development on 2nd Street in LIC is a go – we’re looking forward to learning its name, too

A 12-story building will go up at 50-01 2nd Street, thanks to a $51 million construction loan provided by Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. The development will have 199 residential units and 12,000 square feet of space for retail on the ground floor. Apparently, “interested tenants have included food uses and childcare operators.” What do you think they’ll name the building?

People love their public parks

This morning we asked what’s your favorite city park? We got some great answers!

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And the location of the October Queens County Market is…

Sac’s Place! That’s right – this is first time a space in Astoria has been chosen to host the monthly pop-up artisanal market. The folks at Sac’s are thrilled. Stay tuned for details on the vendors for this particular market. As a reminder of the awesomeness that will meet you there, here’s our recap of the August Queens County Market.