In October, more than 15,000 people attended a pro-charter-school rally in Cadman Plaza Park. More recently, a charter school in Fort Greene was accused of discriminating against under-performing students.

      Many pro-charter folks believe the independent institutions provide more choice and better educational experiences. But a number of public school advocates argue that charter schools skim the best students while taking attention and resources away from public schools that need them.

      Which system is better? Where do you stand?


      Harvest party at Boerum Hill’s former community garden A Small Green Patch. Photo by Tami Johnson via A Small Green Patch

      Last week, the Mayor announced that nine city-owned community garden sites — four of them in Brooklyn — would be developed for affordable housing.

      Local gardeners affected by the decision are upset about the loss of land they’ve lovingly tended for years — and the implications of a plan that values housing above public green space.

      Where do you stand on this thorny issue?


      Cypress Hills J Station, arguably the most decrepit station in Brooklyn

      The New York City Transit system needs help, and the state and city are both saying “not it” when it comes to accepting responsibility for the bill. Evidence of the Transit budget crisis is apparent throughout Brooklyn’s most decrepit stations, and Thursday afternoon’s broken rail along the L line is just the latest incident in a string of commuting troubles.

      But which authority should pony up more funds for the beleaguered subway system? Where should the money come from?