I met a dog at a parade on Sunday, a dog named Spike. That’s Spike in the shot above. He’s Irish, apparently.

The parade was the St. Pat’s Day For All event, held in Sunnyside. For those of us who live anywhere nearby, it signals that Spring is on the way, and it’s a “do not miss it” kind of thing. The shots in this post are selected from a much larger set of better than a hundred shots, which I’ve made available over at Flickr. If you or your group marched in the St. Pat’s Day for All parade, there might be a shot of you in there.

Click here for a slideshow (opens in a new window) of everything and everyone that caught my eye.

The parade is predicated on inclusivity, and its organizers opine that everyone can be Irish on St. Pat’s.

From their website:

The St. Pat’s for All parade celebrates the diversity of the Irish and Irish American communities of New York. First held in 2000, St.Pat’s for All cherishes and celebrates an inclusive St. Patrick’s season. Ours is the first in the 260 years + of Irish parades in New York City to be open and welcoming to all who wish to share in the spirit of the day. We err on the side of hospitality. Our theme “cherishing all the children of the nation equally” is taken from the 1916 Easter Proclamation of the Irish Republic. It is a vision drawn from our past and a guide for our present & future.

See tons of photos of the event right after the jump…


Vintage Queens photos

We came across this set of old photos of Queens via Gothamist that are just delightful. The photo of the building of the Elmhurst Gas Tanks is astonishing – they are the tallest things around! These days they are gone, and in their place is a lovely park. We also really like the photo of the building of the Queensboro Bridge. We could go on and on. Check them out and see Queens from another time.

LIC’s best Happy Hours

CBS put together a list of the 5 best Happy Hours in LIC:

  • Alewife (GMAP) 4:20-7pm every night, 11pm-1am Sunday through Thursday
  • Alobar (GMAP) 11:30-7pm, Monday through Friday
  • The Corner Bistro (GMAP) 4-7pm, Monday through Friday
  • Domaine Bar A Vins (GMAP) 5-7pm, every night
  • Blend (GMAP) 4-7pm, every night

A great deal at Szechuan Dish

Joe DiStefano shares his joy in finding Szechuan Dish, a newer stall at the New World Mall. It’s a lot of delicious food for a very low price, so he calls it his “Happy Meal” – 6 courses for $9.50. That’s quite a deal. For example:

Last Sunday I tried liáng bàn xīn shé, a fiery cold salad of pig tongue and heart slicked with chili oil. And yesterday I stopped by for a fēng wèi xiǎo chī tào cān, or, local flavor set meal. Think of it as a six-course Sichuan Happy Meal. For $9.50 I was one happy, happy eater. It was like a greatest hits of Chengdu street food: excellent dàn dàn miàn,noodles in a fiery sauce of ground beef and preserved vegetables; Chéng Dū hóng yóu shuǐ jiǎo, pork dumplings in soy sauce enlivened with chilies and no small amount of garlic; and hǎi wèi chāo shŏu, a flavorful wonton and seafood soup. The bountiful set also includes a cold two-veggie plate and a cold two-meat plate.

Dancing With Ganesha

“Inside the colorful annual tribute to Ganesha, The Lord of Beginnings, in a normally quiet corner of Flushing, Queens.” A joyful expression of being a Hindu and being part of the greater Hindu family. This festival is greatly anticipated every year in Flushing and takes place at the Ganesh Temple.


St. Pat’s For All parade is this weekend

It’s that time of year – time for the all-inclusive St. Pat’s For All parade, happening on the streets of Sunnyside/Woodside. The Manhattan St. Patrick’s Day parade has never allowed members from the LGBT community to participate, which was frustrating to some. So back in 2000, Brendan Fay, who lives in Queens, started St. Pat’s For All, which is open to any and all who want to participate. It’s definitely smaller than the parade in the city, but it reflects the diversity of NYC. This year the parade starts at 2:00 pm on Sunday, March 3. It starts at 47th Street and Skillman Avenue in Sunnyside, goes east on Skillman, and ends at 58th Street and Woodside Avenue in Woodside. The post-parade party will take place at Saints & Sinners in Woodside (GMAP).


Image source: St. Pat’s For All Facebook page

The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan, which draws millions of spectators and marchers annually, has never allowed LGBT groups to march, citing religious reasons. This outdated rule has been protested over the past 20 years by plenty of activists, Irish New Yorkers and political figures such as Christine Quinn, and even the former Irish president.