Last week we reported that demolition was soon to begin on the Salvation Army thrift store on the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street in Williamsburg, but the big remaining question was what would replace the building. As it turns out, it will be a new Salvation Army, according to Denise Richardson, the Salvation Army’s director of communications for the organization’s Greater New York division. Building plans have already been filed for a replacement structure. Major John G. Swires, who operates the store at 176 Bedford Avenue, says that “it will be replaced with new and improved Salvation Army Thrift store.” So take your Apple store rumors elsewhere…once again!
Demolition Starting Soon on Williamsburg Salvation Army [Brownstoner] GMAP


Although there has been buzz for some time now about how the Salvation Army intends to raze their building on the corner of North 7th And Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg and that it will be replaced by a new building, last week neighbors received demolition notices, so the structure is not long for this world. It will be replaced by a two-story building. While we weren’t able to locate a rendering for the new building, on the jump you can see a photo of the structure’s massing that the architects submitted to the city. What’s unclear to us is whether this will once again be a Salvation Army (or whether the property is in fact owned by the Salvation Army), just in more modern digs. It’s certainly a high-traffic location that would be appealing to a lot of businesses. We’re waiting to hear back from the Salvation Army for further information, but their regional office is closed today. GMAP