In case you missed it, the New York Times ran a great slideshow revealing the interiors of the historic Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead at East 22nd Street and Avenue P. The best-preserved and most beautiful of the Dutch Colonial farmhouses in the area, the Wyckoff-Bennett house is still privately owned by the couple that purchased it for $160,000 in 1983. What a trip!
Great Slideshow of Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead [NY Times]
Photo by wallyg

Photo via Flickr User Stu-Joe

I received a few lists of favorite buildings from readers, and will be reporting on the ones that I can, this month. A couple requests are worthy of entire posts, so if I run out of space in December, they will most certainly appear in 2010.

Today’s favorite houses are from Joe from Brooklyn and Lisa the City Planner. They are both important and rare remnants of Brooklyn’s Dutch past, and our borough’s agrarian history.

The Hendrick I. Lott House is in Marine Park, at 1940 E. 36th St. it is hailed as one of the finest examples of Dutch Colonial farmhouse architecture in New York City.

Photo via CUNY Brooklyn

Charles Ditmas, writing in his Historic Homesteads of Kings County at the turn of the 20th century, called the house the finest house in all of Kings County. The white clapboard house was built in 1800 by Hendrick I. Lott, incorporating part of his grandfather’s 1720 house as the kitchen wing.

The Lott family immigrated to Brooklyn from Holland in 1652, and was a prosperous and successful farming family. The house was originally surrounded by landscaped grounds and gardens, and had barns, sheds and other outbuildings on the estate.

Like most farmers in Brooklyn at this time, the Lott’s had slaves and indentured people working on the farm. In 1805, the Lott’s freed their twelve slaves, and hired them back as workers. Historians surmise the family must have been ardent Abolitionists, as evidence of a closet within a closet, large enough for two people, and other evidence of Underground Railroad activity were discovered.

Photo via Frank’s America

The hidden closet was a family secret passed down through the last Lott to live in the house.