This Platform Bed Keeps a Low Profile and Solves Bedroom Problems


    The team at Thuma set out to design a bed frame that addressed some of the biggest problems of the bedroom: platform beds that are flimsy, squeaky, difficult to assemble, impossible to move, with limited storage and made from toxic materials.

    platform bed

    The result? A platform bed frame made from eco-friendly materials, combining functionality, minimalism and luxury design.

    Its low-profile frame — with 9 inches of clearance — opens up the room and simplifies decluttering, creating space underneath for suitcases, winter coats, shoes and whatever else.

    It’s also got rounded corners to protect your shins.

    Thuma platform bed

    The PillowBoard is a supportive, foam, minimalist headboard that evokes a comfortable lounge environment, while an interchangeable and washable linen-weave cover keeps things fresh.

    Japanese joinery, a timeless construction technique, allows easy set up, requiring just two hand-tightened screws and eliminating the need for excess metal hardware.

    thuma bed frame

    As for the eco-friendly aspect, Thuma uses upcycled and repurposed rubberwood from rubber tree plantations located near their craftsmen and factories. By doing so, they’re repurposing trees that have already reached the end of their latex-producing lifecycles and are otherwise discarded.

    thuma bed frame

    Thuma has also partnered with One Tree Planted so that each platform bed sold results in one tree planted for the world’s forests.

    Lastly, Thuma produces the platform bed at a direct-to-consumer price, shipped free to your door and assembled in just minutes, no tools or team needed.

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