Protect Your Possessions From Your Destructive Kids


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    Even if your children are angels 98 percent of the time, it only takes that other 2 percent to do some damage to your home. Maybe they decide to draw themselves a bath, and leave the water running, flooding your apartment as well as your downstairs neighbors’. They may try to flush their stuffed Nemo doll down the toilet, or surprise you with what was supposed to be breakfast in bed but ended up resulting in a small fire. 

    Children, no matter how pure their intentions might be, are agents of chaos.

    The right home and renters insurance can cover the damage to your belongings wrought by your little rogue angels. Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc., has over 50 years of experience matching New Yorkers with insurance policies that are right for them. And the process is easy and fast — easier and faster by far than it is getting your kids ready for school in the morning.

    Your next kid-caused catastrophe could happen at any minute… contact Gotham Brokerage today.

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