A Holiday Gift Guide for Fans of Natural Wine and Esoteric Spirits


    Henry’s Wine & Spirit opened in 2013 to offer Bushwick a place to buy wines from small and underrepresented producers.

    Today, it ships nationally and stocks thousands of wines and spirits, with an emphasis on natural wines, orange wine, low intervention wine, mezcal and esoteric spirits.

    Here’s a guide to the latest and greatest bottles in case you’re in the gifting mood this season.

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    L’Encantada, Bas-Armagnac XO 2.0. Based in Vic-Fezensac, Southern France, this operation started small, after one of the partners was approached by a widow about selling her late husband’s casks of Armagnac. Think of it as a whiskey made with grapes.

    Maison en Belles Lies, Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru White (2016). Made from Chardonnay, the world’s most famous white-wine grape and also one of the most widely planted. Winemaker Pierre Fenals is slowly becoming a cult favorite and is seeing his profile rise in this small, but prestigious Burgundy appellation. Buttery and complex, it serves well with poultry dishes and makes for a gift anyone can appreciate.

    henrys wines

    From Oaxaca City, Mexico, and a project by the great Ulysses of mezcal mecca In Situ, Farolito Papalometl is made with agave Papalometl (potatorum). Once cooked and crushed, the agave is fermented in “bovine leather,” which are large cowhides that can be used and reused for years on end. Once fermented, it’s double-distilled in small clay pots. You’ll find this in the rarities section.

    Not all wine from Champagne is sparkling—in fact, here’s a still red wine: Lelarge-Pugeot, Coteaux Champenois Rouge De Meuniers (2014). From the Champagne village of Vrigny, France, this winery began transforming its vineyards from conventional to organic in 1985. Commercial yeast and enzymes are never used and no sulfur is added at bottling. The winery’s first 100 percent organic harvest was AB certified in 2012.

    henrys wines

    Clos Lentiscus, Sumoll Ferestec (2010). Sumoll is a virtually extinct grape that is native to Catalonia, Spain. This 10-year-old sparkling wine serves well with shellfish and seafood. Manel, the winemaker, is also known as bubble man. After drinking this bottle with loved ones, you will find out why. He’s been assisting his daughter Nuria grow into a star winemaker as well, so lots to keep an eye on from this beautiful winery near Barcelona. Perfect for a safe and intimate celebration.

    Is there a better way to pick a wine than to pick it for yourself? That’s the idea of our gift cards. Try one here.

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