Brownstoner Podcast: Meridian’s Greg Goldberg Weighs What’s Next for New York’s Gathering Spots

Greg Goldberg. Photo via Meridian Leasing. Brooklyn photo by Susan De Vries


    In the latest episode of The Brownstoner Podcast, Meridian Retail Leasing’s Greg Goldberg talks about the impact of COVID-19 on New York City’s stores, eateries and nightlife. A director in the company’s midtown office, before getting into retail leasing, Goldberg worked in restaurants and design.

    “Stores are going out of business, which is sad,” he said. “But when one closes, another opens. It’s a tenant’s market,” he continued. “You can’t walk down an avenue without seeing a for rent sign.”

    The number of leases dropped in 2020, but deals are still happening. “Vaccines are coming out, spring is coming, people are in a better mood. As soon as we get back to normal, this city is going to be back,” Goldberg predicted.

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