Home Buying Insights, Strategies Here for Viewing at Webinar ‘Brownstones and Townhouses 102’

Photo via Corcoran


    Anyone kicking the tires about buying a townhouse or brownstone in Brooklyn got expert advice during the free webinar, “Brownstones and Townhouses 102” on April 23.

    The free webinar, part of the Brownstoner Home Events series, can be viewed here.

    Sephrah Towbin, licensed real estate salesperson for Corcoran, offered expert perspective on buying in Brooklyn. “The main thing that I share with people about Brooklyn is they’re not building more houses,” she said. “We’re fixing houses, we’re upgrading, we’re renovating. But nobody is starting from scratch. So, I tell them: Buy a house, because even though right now there’s an under supply, there will always be somewhat of an under supply.”

    Other topics covered include how to prepare when searching for a townhouse to buy, and the different types of townhouses that exist and how that affects price.

    On hand were Towbin’s go-to partners: Peter Gleason, attorney at MMPS, who advised that “many Brooklyn properties have some of sort of baggage — an open permit, an open violation, which buyers should be aware of.”

    Also present were Abigail Coover Hume, architect at Overlay Office, and Sam Allan, mortgage banker at Chase.

    When asked about typical credit scores, Chase’s Allan said “of the buyers that I see, those who are purchasing properties in the millions, the typical credit score is about 740 or higher.”

    This free event was sponsored by Chase, The Corcoran GroupMMPS and Overlay Office.

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    [Photos courtesy of Corcoran]

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