Brownstoner Generates More Leads Than Angie’s List


    We were interested to read Ron Lieber’s piece in The Times over the weekend about the Angie’s List. Ron had called us to get our views on the subject last week, so we were curious to see how the article had turned out. Angie’s List is definitely doing something right, as its expansion to 170 markets proves. One of the questions Ron was trying to get his arms around–and to which we didn’t really have an answer–was how the mega-site stacked up in markets where there were viable homegrown alternatives. (In the case of Brooklyn, Ron cited Park Slope Parents and Brownstoner.) We had a vague hunch that users would feel more loyalty and trust in a local brand but that wasn’t based on anything even remotely scientific. So it was nice to see the utility of Brownstoner borne out in the experience of one service provider quoted in the article:

    Antonio Ceriello Electric advertises on both Angie’s List and Brownstoner and gets more leads from Brownstoner, which allows anonymous reader contributions. “People may feel more comfortable going to a forum where everyone can just really put an opinion out there,” said Rosalia Ceriello, the office manager at Antonio Ceriello.

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