Looking for a Townhouse? Check the Free Webinar ‘Brownstones and Townhouses 101’ on January 14

Photo courtesy of Corcoran


    If you’re interested in buying a Brooklyn townhouse, you’ll want to check out the free webinar, “Brownstones and Townhouses 101” on January 14 at 3 p.m.

    Sephrah Towbin, licensed real estate salesperson for Corcoran, has built her business on the idea of providing a one-stop shopping experience for her buyers and sellers. “We like to provide all the answers and contacts along the way,” she said.

    Towbin and panelists will answer questions like:

    Should you buy a single family, two-family or more? What’s the best way to finance the purchase? How is the appraisal affected by kitchen placement, working and non working appliances? How does the budget change when buying a home that requires renovation?

    On hand will be Towbin’s go-to partners: Peter Gleason, attorney at MMPS; Abigail Coover Hume, architect at Overlay Office; Sam Allan, mortgage banker at Chase; and Statia Grossman, real estate agent at Corcoran.

    This free event is sponsored by Chase, The Corcoran Group and MMPS.

    Register here.

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    [Photos courtesy of Corcoran]

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