Bathroom Redone in Three Weeks? Renovation Startup Uses Digital Innovation to Make It Possible


    According to data from Houzz, a typical bathroom renovation can take nearly 10 months to design and construct. But what if a bathroom renovation were as seamless as viewing a design online and having it installed within three weeks?

    Block Renovation promises just that — an easier and more transparent process, delivering architect-grade bathrooms from start to finish in a fraction of the typical time.

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    “Block’s mission is to make the design details and concierge-like experience of high-end, architect grade renovations accessible to all through thoughtful use of technology,” said Koda Wang, Block’s co-founder and former COO at Huffington Post.

    How does it work?

    Customers go to the Block website and fill out a questionnaire about their renovation to receive an instant estimate for the project. With photos and a video of your bathroom, Block uses proprietary technology that processes more than 120 variables in order to accurately price your renovation.

    bathroom renovations brooklyn

    Block then delivers an all-inclusive proposal, with everything needed to build your bathroom: design, detailed drawings, all finish materials, protection, and scheduled deliveries.

    “Part of Block’s value proposition is making drawings and design details part of every bathroom renovation,” said Wang. “This makes higher end design details like niches and curbs more accessible to the average homeowner.”

    bathroom renovations brooklyn

    Unlike the typical renovation experience with unexpected charges along the way, Block promises transparent pricing and an estimate within 95 percent of the actual cost.

    “Our builders are all vetted and trained to be able to execute the more complicated design moves without the types of errors that create delays down the line,” said Luke Sherwin, Block co-founder (and also co-founder of Casper Mattress).

    bathroom renovations brooklyn

    You can choose from two ready-to-go renovation packages — contemporary and classic, with more to come in the near future. You can also collaborate with their designers to bring your own style to life. All materials and architectural details are created by award-winning designers.

    “We ensure that all the fixtures are ordered and delivered in time for the job along with detailed instructions and design drawings,” said Sherwin.

    bathroom renovations brooklyn

    The best part? You’re matched with a vetted and Block-approved contractor, and from four weeks of breaking ground, the project will be completed. “We do that mostly with process innovation,” said Sherwin. “We eliminate dead time when no one is on the job.”

    bathroom renovations brooklyn

    Block monitors the job digitally. Sherwin says that Block typically visits each job twice as part of their ongoing quality assurance process to ensure good outcomes.

    bathroom renovations brooklyn

    For more information about renovating your bathroom, go to the website here.

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