Gotham Brokerage Can Protect You From These 3 Thanksgiving Snafus

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    Thanksgiving is family time, but it’s also when accidents happen. Now’s the time to prepare against seasonal snafus — and make sure you’ve got apartment insurance to protect you.

    1. Cuts like a….fork?
    Never discuss politics at Thanksgiving dinner. One Maryland family in 2012 didn’t heed that advice: A woman ended an argument by stabbing her half-brother, the owner of the house, with a serving fork. Luckily, it wasn’t fatal.

    Gotham Says: In New York, intentional acts like this are not covered. But if this woman were carrying a knife and tripped and accidentally stabbed her half-brother, then apartment insurance would cover his injuries.

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    2. Fire! Fire!
    Nearly 50 percent of house fires are cooking related, and they happen twice as often on Thanksgiving. You know where there’s even more heat? If you don’t have apartment insurance to cover the damages.

    Gotham says: There’s no coverage for appliances that are not working properly, but if you fall asleep after too much hard cider and leave the oven on and a fire results, that would be covered.

    3. Are you burglar proof?
    Did you know 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door? If you’re going on holiday vacation, make sure doors and windows are locked, and install a timer for your lights so it looks like you’re home.

    Gotham says: Theft is covered — even if you forget to lock you door or window and a burglar walks right in.

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