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Cast iron radiator by cjkoster717


    Need help with your steam heating system? looking for a steam heating specialist? Here are a few of the threads about steam heat you can read about in the Brownstoner Forum:

    1. I am looking at a hybrid heat pump solution. Because of the layout of the apartments, there would be 2 heat pumps in each apartment, each being on either side.

    I have already ruled out air based heat pumps because temperatures can get pretty cold on some days, here in New York City. Also because I prefer an abundance of heat rather than j ust enough of it.

    So the alternative is a water sourced heat pump.

    2. Water spewing from the air vents of steam radiators is a symptom of a systemic problem and rarely ever an issue with the vent to radiator itself.

    3. My two family brownstone (garden apartment and triplex) has one thermostat for the whole house. I’m thinking of installing a second thermostat for the garden apartment (will be rented out) so that they can control their own heat. Some have advised me that will be easier to just install a second boiler and hook up the apartment’s radiators to this new boiler. Any advice?

    There are 100s more steam heat conversations in the Brownstoner Forum:!/?steam%20heat


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