Backyard and Roof Decks — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know


    The Brownstoner Forum has hundreds of posts by hundreds of people about wood, stone, steel, backyard and roof decks. Whether you are dreaming, planning, researching, building, shopping, restoring, maintaining or just curious about decks, the Brownstoner Forum can provide you with the information you are looking for.

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    Wood Decks
    Roof Decks

    I’m interested in having a roof deck installed on the roof of my 108 unit co-op in Brooklyn.  I’m looking for feedback/guidance from others who have gone through the process in order to inform discussions with other shareholders and Board members. Read more >>

    stone backyard

    Stone backyard by S. Kamal


    NYC Deck Regulations

    Planning to build a deck. I was told that the sides of a wooden deck must be at least 3ft from adjacent properties. Seems to make sense as it’s a combustible material. Now I was told that regardless of the material (metal included) a deck structure must still abide by this 3ft rule. That seems to be contrary to just about every deck that I have seen. Can any one confirm this? Read more >>

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