Yet Another Report Documents Skyrocketing Prices in Brooklyn


    Yet another report has come out showing huge jumps in housing costs in Brooklyn — this one covering a period of 10 years. Some highlights, as summarized by Curbed (we received the report too, in our in box), based on data from Williamsburg-based real estate firm

    *Townhouse prices in Brooklyn Heights have more than doubled over the decade. “In 2003, the average sale price was $1,926,000. Today, it’s $4,860,000,” as Curbed put it.

    *Williamsburg is the “epicenter of the Brooklyn condo housing boom,” said Aptsandlofts. In 2003, there were only 21 condo sales in the neighborhood. In 2013, there were 706!

    *As you might surmise, sale prices in Williamsburg have skyrocketed. In 2003, the average sale price was  $378,000. Now it’s $1,262,000 (in 2012).

    *In Bed Stuy, there were a mere 12 condo sales in 2003. In 2012, there were 124.

    For more details, breakdowns by neighborhood, and graphs, check out the report on’s website here. Report on 10 Years of Brooklyn Real Estate []
    Ten-Year Study Shows Huge Price Jumps Across Brooklyn [Curbed]

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