‘War’ of Words Continues Over PPW Bike Lane


    Following a judge’s dismissal of the lawsuit over the Prospect Park West bike lane, the attorney for the plaintiffs Jim Walden told The Brooklyn Paper it was “just the first battle in what is inevitably going to be a longer war.” Walden’s rhetoric is being criticized by Seniors for Civility and Neighbors for Better Neighbors, two neighborhood groups formed in support of the lane. In a statement, Bill Carey, founder of Neighbors for Better Neighbors, had this to say in a statement: “we’re saddened to see that the plaintffs’ attorney, Jim Walden, would characterize Judge Bunyan’s decision as ‘just the first battle in what is inevitably going to be a longer war.’ Our community is not a battlefield and the work of making our streets safer does not ‘inevitably’ have to be a ‘war.’ Mr. Walden’s clients can graciously accept Judge Bunyan’s decision and move on…We encourage the plaintiffs to drop the martial language and the legal crusade, and join with their neighbors to continue the work of making our streets calmer and safer.” Walden, meanwhile, is quoted today in the Eagle as saying that “the battle continues” and that the judge “dismissed our petition without prejudice, saying that DOT never made a decision concerning removal of the bike lane based on the safety study. He invited us to demand removal, and if DOT does not comply, we can re-file the lawsuit.”

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