65 Hope Street Sells. Again!


According to numerous sources, the large loft complex at 53-65 Hope Street (still very much in raw, unconverted shape) sold this week for, we’re told, about $17 million. (It’s too soon for it to have shown up in public records.) This number, if true, would be quite interesting considering the property traded for $12 million just eight months ago. Of course, this is after it went for $14,200,000 in 2004 and $26,115,000 in 2006. Heck, it was listed for $33 million back in 2008 but then the bottom fell out of the market. Presumably some kind of residential conversion is in the cards. Update: David Behin of The Developers Group, who served as a consultant to the buyer on the deal, has confirmed the price of $17,000,000. GMAP

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