The Upstater: Brownstones, North


    This week on Upstater, we’re covering real estate in and around Hudson, N.Y., a Hudson River-front city of about 7,000 people two hours north of the city. Among its attributes: a hearty stock of row houses and townhouses, some of which we’ve profiled for your gawking pleasure. For the price of a small one-bedroom in a Brooklyn brownstone, you can inhabit a four-story townhouse up here. (By the way, most of these are not technically brownstones, but are row houses, townhouses, or single-family homes so narrow and close to their neighbors that we’re counting them as such, even if they don’t have party walls; bear with us). We’ll also look at row houses in small cities across the river.

    Our favorite of the Hudson row houses for sale is this lovingly restored Queen Anne on Warren Street — the main drag that leads down to the waterfront. It has only two-bedrooms inside its three stories, but it has three baths (one of which appears big enough to be a bedroom!), a beautiful kitchen, and a nice combination of updated interiors and preserved detail. And the price will surely appeal to Brooklynites, many of whom have relocated here: $495,000.

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    132 Warren Street, Hudson. $495,000. GMAP


    One of the best things about this four-unit Italianate townhouse in Newburgh, N.Y. is its views: direct to the Hudson River. They’ve done a great job shining up the floors, though some of the renovation looks a bit Home Depot-ish.

    But for the price tag, $229,000, you can afford to perform some upgrades. Yes, everything you’ve heard about Newburgh is true — it does have more gang violence than any other city in our state — but there’s a strong revitalization movement, and an incredible supply of beautiful historic homes. Check out the Newburgh Restoration blog for more information about the Newburgh revival.
    170 Grand Street, Newburgh. $229,000. GMAP


    Over in Kingston, you can buy a whole row of row houses for $349,000, and move with all your friends. 21-27 Henry Street in Kingston has four separate four- or five-bedroom units, all with connected front porches, original fireplaces, three stories, 1,800 square feet of living space.

    Henry Street, aka Route 32, is not exactly a quiet block, but it’s not caked with traffic, either. The houses have been on the market for over half a year. If you’d like to go the landlord route, the broker estimates the annual income at $75,600.

    21-27 Henry Street, Kingston. $349,900. GMAP


    We wrote up this row house in Athens, NY, earlier this year, and it’s still on the market. A narrow place, with some updates inside and a rental unit on the first floor. Great live/work place, and it’s a block from the Hudson River.

    It’s on one of the main drags in Athens, although even it’s busiest blocks are pretty sleepy. Athens has a beautiful, if neglected, downtown, and is directly across the river from Hudson and down the road from Catskill. If some of the hipsters from Hudson hopped over the river, it could be ripe for revitalization.
    34-36 Second Street, Athens. $179,000. GMAP.

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