Tenants Complain About Problems at New Luxury Rental in South Williamsburg


Tenants at 53 Broadway in Williamsburg, a luxury rental finished last August, are complaining about exorbitant electric bills, parking lot problems and not having a promised 24-hour doorman. One resident told us, “My personal bill for my two-bedroom apartment was $700 last month, even though my roommate and I are at work all day and were on vacation for two weeks that month.” She thinks the electricity in some of the units may be wired incorrectly, because other tenants report Con Ed bills as high as $1,043 (for a three-bedroom).

Tenants in the 75-unit building also say that they were promised a functional parking lot with a lift system manned by a 24-hour attendant when they moved in during the fall. Instead, drivers can park in one of four long slots, causing cars to be blocked in if someone pulls in behind them. “We were asked to give the other tenants with parking spots our phone numbers and be on call 24 hours a day and would be responsible to return home to move our cars within a one hour window so if you were blocking someone they would be able to get their car out,” writes one driver.

Finally, residents say they were promised a 24-hour doorman, but their doorman was switched to part-time without anyone being notified. They’ve tried to contact the management company and the new owners, but the problems persist. Rents in the building start at $2,704 for a one-bedroom or at $4,216 for a two-bedroom.

A rep from Adam America, which developed the building with the Horizon Group, told us that the development changed hands a few months ago, selling to an owner called Broadway Brooklyn Acquisition LLC. We’ve tried to get in touch with the new owners, but we haven’t received any comment on these issues.

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