Taking Stock of Brooklyn’s Blog Graveyard


    Reclaimed Home, a long-time Brooklyn-based blog devoted to architectural salvage and adaptive reuse, was doing some house-cleaning on its blog roll (an old-school concept in itself at this point) and noticed how many Brooklyn blogs have called it quits in the last couple of years. Since we’ve been doing this now for, gulp, more than seven years the round-up made us feel both old and sentimental, common emotions at this time of year. The list of those who’ve packed it in include Bushwick BK (October 2011), Brooklyn Born (August 2011), Bed Stuy Blog (June 2011), Here Be Old Things (February 2011), Bed Stuy Banana (December 2009), Crown Heightser (August 2010), Clinton Hill Blog (July 2010) and Brooklyn Optimist (January 2010). And, of course, the saddest of them all, was the end of Gowanus Lounge, when its creator Bob Guskind died tragically in March 2009. RIP.

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