Sorting Out Rowhouses, Townhouses & B-Stones


    A reader brought to our attention a posting from the blog of the Affordable Housing Institute (who knew?). A reader poses the oft-asked question about the difference between a townhouse, a row house and a brownstone. Here’s the response, lifted pretty much verbatim from the recent book The American Townhouse:

  • Town house: A multi-story urban house, attached or detached, that is built close to the street and scaled similarly to surrounding houses.
  • Row house: A multi-story urban house built in a style that is consistent with, even replicating, that of adjoining houses; often built by the same architect and developer.
  • Brownstone: Any of the above structures whose facades are sheathed in brown sandstone.
  • Glad we got that cleared up.
    Townhouse or Rowhouse? [AFI]

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