Site for Secret, Off-Market Brooklyn Listings Lets Buyers Name Their Price


    Brooklyn blogger and real estate consultant Jonah Landman of BK to the Fullest and real estate agent Steven Szczur have launched an online real estate matchmaking service for Brooklyn. HomeCanvasr gives members access to secret, off-market listings not available elsewhere and also lets buyers publish what they’re looking for.

    The idea for the site came about as a way to automate the service Landman offers his one-on-one clients, who pay $2,000 and up for individual consulting, and also as a place to use all the off-market listings Landman finds. Szczur, a licensed agent who works in New Jersey, was already working on a similar service on his own.

    The site, which went live Monday, officially launched today with about 30 listings and 40 buyer members. (Pictured above is a property on the site, a single-family house in Bed Stuy asking $850,000.) Anyone can join and see partial listings, although to see addresses and connect with sellers, members must pay an initial $200 fee plus $50 a month. Buyers fill out a questionnaire that is similar to the “intake” screening Landman uses with his clients. In addition to the obvious questions about housing type, neighborhood, and price range, it also asks buyers what they have purchased before, what they will compromise on, and what is a must-have.

    Landman gets his listings from brokers who hope to find a buyer without an agent so they don’t have to split the commission and from property owners he calls “sell-curious.” The plan is to expand to Manhattan and then to other cities where demand is intense but inventory is scarce, such as San Francisco and D.C., said Szczur.

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