Reporter Rides in Pouch of Brooklyn Foreclosure Court


    As we reported last fall, protesters have been showing up to Brooklyn foreclosure auctions, singing during the proceedings, and then getting arrested. A Wall Street Journal reporter, Anne Kadet, who was covering the auction shown in the video above on Thursday, ended up being detained for three hours and charged with disorderly conduct even though she claims was observing the proceedings as a journalist. To the block quote:

    When court officers moved to arrest the protesters and clear the courtroom, Ms. Kadet said in an interview Friday that she was handcuffed and detained. She said she was taking notes at the time but didn’t otherwise identify herself as a journalist. “They started arresting everyone who was singing, so I moved up close to the front of the courtroom,” Ms. Kadet said. “I was just standing there taking notes. I wasn’t singing.” Ms. Kadet said court officers removed her from the courtroom and held her for about three hours in a nearby room with the protesters. She said her hands were bound tightly in plastic restraints. She was eventually issued a summons for disorderly conduct and released.

    The court spokesman says Kadet hadn’t identified herself as a journalist. Here’s the Journal’s response: “‘Anne’s arrest, while reporting on a matter of public interest, is an outrage and a clear violation of the First Amendment,’ said Ashley Huston, vice president of corporate communications for the Journal and Dow Jones, in a statement. ‘The officers’ actions were completely unjustified, and we will insist that the charge for disorderly conduct be withdrawn immediately.'”
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