Unusual Number of Raccoons Spotted in Brooklyn


    Have you seen any raccoons lately? We’ve had reports of sightings from all over Brooklyn. A reader in Clinton Hill sent in these photos of a family of five in the backyard. “The raccoons are getting out of hand,” the tipster wrote. “Tried calling city for help, but was told its my problem.” They have invaded people’s houses on the block as well. Another reader posted in the Forum (under the headline “Raccoon BIG problem Park Slope”), “We have raccoons on our deck, in our yard. We saw two of them on our neighbor’s roof. We have heard scratching noises on the top floor of our brownstone…One of them bit and scratched our dog (vet gave her an additional rabies shot and antibiotics.)…They are everywhere, walking down the sidewalks at night…Any ideas of what to do or who to call?” Meanwhile, a friend who lives in Greenpoint posted on Facebook, “I am sitting here minding my own biznatch reading quietly on a lit screen and I look up and there is a goddam raccoon, a raccoon!, walking up the short flight of steps to the second floor where I sit, not five feet way. Of course I left the back door open, but still! After we evicted two living in the attic for two or three years, it’s theirs, isn’t it?” The solution, according to another Forum poster: “New York City does not take the raccoon problem seriously, though you should file a 311 complaint anyway. Call a licensed wildlife control company, not an ordinary exterminator.” In July, an NBC news article said raccoons were trashing Greenwood Heights, and residents speculated the warm spring had caused  “an explosion in the raccoon population.” The city does not normally respond to calls about raccoons, unless they appear dangerous, hurt or sick. Legislation to change the policy has gone nowhere. “Last summer, state Sen. Tony Avella of Queens introduced legislation that would require the city agency to remove raccoons if asked to do so by the public, but the legislation remains in limbo,” said NBC.
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