Photos Now up for Grand but Decayed Brownstone Asking $2.75 Million in Fort Greene


    If you’re curious, photos are now online for the impressive but structurally unsound brownstone at 6 South Oxford Street. It was a HOTD in April; the ask is $2,750,000. At the time, commenter Pierre de Taille said the stairs are “completely rotted” and the plaster details that are left “aren’t salvageable given the extent of water damage.” Not only does the roof have a hole in it, but reportedly some beams on various floors have collapsed. It will need “everything new,” including “structural walls,” in his opinion. Apparently, it’s also an SRO. Kudos to the brokers for putting up photos. Click through to the listing to see the grand entrance hall and an unusual mantel. Does anyone have experience rebuilding houses that have been open to the elements?

    6 South Oxford Street [Douglas Elliman] GMAP

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