Phase One of Ingersoll-Whitman Reno Nearing Completion


    The first phase of the Ingersoll-Whitman Houses renovation, which includes roughly 425 units at the public housing complex in Fort Greene, is nearing completion. (The targeted completion date is officially December 2012.) According to workers we spoke to on-site, this building in the video (which overlooks Navy Street and is only a stone’s throw, no pun intended, from the foot bridge from which local teens have bombarded bicyclists with bricks recently) is the final one in this phase; the contractor selection process, they said, is still under way for the next phase. Interestingly, we also learned that some of the smaller apartments are being combined to make larger units. Not sure what this means for the folks who used to occupy the smaller units. For more background on the renovation, The Local had a detailed update back in May.

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