Oldest House in Prospect Heights Now Just a Front


    Just the front facade is all that is left of the wood-frame house at 580 Carlton Avenue between Prospect Place and St Marks. It looks like a movie set now. In 2011, the severely damaged property, one of the oldest in Prospect Heights and dating from before 1855, sold for $480,000, and in December permits were approved for alteration, specifically:  “rear yard addition of two stories, rehabilitation of existing three story structure, no change in use, egress or occupancy.” Going by the photo here, it looks like they’re doing more than that. But now there is a “notice to revoke” on that same permit, dated July 9. After the house sold, by the way, it was briefly listed for sale for $2 million, with the owner promising to renovate to the buyer’s specifications. (The website for the property is still up.) The house is in the Prospect Heights landmark district. Click here to see the eerie interior photos taken by Cara Greenberg of Casacara when she checked out the 2011 open house. It was in such precarious condition that attendees had to sign a release form before they were allowed inside. We hope the renovators plan to reuse some of the interior details such as the beautiful fireplaces and moldings, but it seems unlikely. Thanks to Cara for sending us the photo above.
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