Occupiers Fixing Up a Foreclosure in East New York


    City Room has details about the group of Occupy Wall Street members who have taken over a house in East New York that was foreclosed in 2008. According to the story, the home is a wreck: It lacks running water and electricity, and there is mold covering the ceiling and old furnishings left to rot that need to be removed. The plan is to make the house habitable for a woman named Tasha Glasgow, her companion and her two children, who are currently squatting in an apartment in East Rockaway. A person who lives across the street from the East New York house said she saw the occupation as positive for the neighborhood, noting that the vacant building had attracted criminal activity and “we need the house to be occupied by somebody.”
    Foreclosed in Brooklyn: House Repairs as Protest [City Room]
    Photo by Brennan Cavanaugh

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