New York Times Looks at Windsor Terrace


If you do not already live in Windsor Terrace, perhaps you’ve thought about it. Specifically, you may have noted its proximity to Prospect Park and wondered if there are any secret housing bargains to be found there — if you’ve heard of the neighborhood at all.

A story in The New York Times real estate section looking at what it’s like to live in the area does not entirely clear up this question. The area is relatively small with few transactions, so it’s hard to get a grip on what things cost there, according to the story. However, it appears Windsor Terrace is competitive with if not more expensive than South Slope, with prices for row houses clocking in at “nearly $2,000,000,” according to the Times.

The one large grocery store in the area, Key Food, famously closed, but is expected to open a small outpost in its former home, now a Walgreens, this coming spring. In late November, only 15 properties of any kind were on the market. The F train takes about 40 minutes to get to midtown, according to the story.

If you live there, does the Times writeup ring true? What is your favorite thing about the area?

Living in: Windsor Terrace: Less Way Station, More Destination [NY Times]
Photo by Forgotten New York

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