Neighbors Sue Over Mayor’s Plan for Affordable Housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park


    A judge today will hear a motion to block the city from selecting a developer to build housing towers on two remaining empty lots on Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Neighbors are suing the Brooklyn Bridge Park corporation to require them to perform a new environmental impact study to replace the one that was done in 2005, reported The Wall Street Journal.

    Residents and pols have been requesting a reduction in the height and size of the 16-story and 31-story towers for years, whose revenues will pay for the park. But de Blasio changed the plan to include 30 percent affordable housing. Neighbors and elected officials have said they would rather see no housing or less housing in this spot.

    “The suit also said the original plans required that housing be developed only if it was needed to pay for the park,” said the story.

    State Senator Daniel Squadron, Assemblywoman Joan Millman and City Council Members Steve Levin and Brad Lander sent a letter in June requesting a public meeting to discuss alternatives to the plan but have had no response from the city, said a separate story in The New York Daily News.

    “This is a bad plan,” Squadron told the paper. “It’s frustrating that in addition to a plan that doesn’t make a lot of sense, they’re unwilling to even engage the public.” After the story was published, a park spokeswoman said the meeting is in the planning process and will take place in August.

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    Image via Brooklyn Bridge Park

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