Moving From Dyker Hts to a Williamsburg Condo


This weekend’s “The Hunt” column in the Times tells the tale of a couple who decided they wanted to move from their rent-free house in Dyker Heights to a condo in Williamsburg. The pair settled on Williamsburg because the neighborhood offered better value than Manhattan areas like Chelsea and Chinatown; the commute to their flower shop on Lafayette Street would take 20 minutes or less; and they were attracted to its dining and drinking scene. However, after the two signed a contract for a $695,000 1-bedroom at 125 North 10th, above, they learned that they had a baby on the way. Since this turn of events happened after last fall’s market implosion, they were able to negotiate a $60,000 discount off list on a 2-bedroom in the same building, and moved in this summer. The most interesting part of the article is the description about how Williamsburg isn’t the perfect match the couple thought it would be now that they have a baby on board: “They are concerned about schools, which they never thought about before. The neighborhood now feels young, and not especially baby-friendly. The Wus wish they could take more advantage of their new neighborhood. ‘When we see people having fun eating at the restaurants, just kind of hanging out,’ Mr. Wu said, ‘we feel like, man, this is what we should be doing! We feel we missed out on the night life here.'”
The Hunt: Shifting Priorities [NY Times]

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