Lawsuit Filed Over Bicycling Accident in Prospect Park


    The Post reports that a woman hit by a bicyclist in Prospect Park last summer is suing the city for $3 million. The suit alleges that the Parks Dept. and the NYPD are “negligent, careless and reckless” when it comes to enforcing traffic regulations in the park. The woman, Dana Jacks, was hospitalized for 25 days following the accident. Over the summer, Jacks also filed a lawsuit against the bicyclist, who countersued, saying Jacks was “unlawfully outside the crosswalk.” The lawsuit comes as the city examines traffic calming in the park. Yesterday the Daily News reported on a community meeting about the issue in which some said that cars should be banned from the park and others said cyclists are “out of control” and don’t obey traffic lights. Two weeks ago another pedestrian was hit by a cyclist in the park and is still in intensive care.
    Woman Hit by Cyclist Sues City for $3M [NY Post]
    Bicyclists and Pedestrians Spar at Prospect Park Community Meeting [NY Daily News]
    Photo by Ahmed ElHusseiny

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