Is Admiral’s Row Timber Shed Beyond Repair?


    NPR has an update on Admiral’s Row that looks into whether the Timber Shed at Admirals Row is reaching its expiration date. The story notes that despite pledges that the Timber Shed was one of two historic Admiral’s Row buildings that would be preserved as part of the site’s redevelopment, “at the end of last month, the National Guard Bureau sent out a letter saying its engineers had declared the Timber Shed beyond repair and recommended it be demolished. Kristin Leahy, the Cultural Resources Program Manager for the National Guard, said the Guard wants to turn the building over to the city as is.” Preservationists and even the CEO of the Navy Yard are not cool with this news: “Still, Lisa Kersavage, from the Municipal Art Society, said was shocked to get the news. ‘It seems to be the decision was based on finances instead of what they should have been focusing on how can they mitigate the demolition of some clearly very important historic buildings,’ Leahy said. Andrew Kimball, CEO for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, said changing the requirements could endanger the deal completely. He said the developer still wants to include the Timber Shed in the redevelopment plan. But he said they could only do that if the federal government acts expeditiously. ‘They need to stabilize the Timber Shed and B or allow us and our development partners on the site to stabilize the Timber Shed and moves forward with the site transfer,’ Kimball said.” Yes: Sucky all around. Once again, the National Guard Bureau seems to have sat on its hands too long, thus endangering a precious Brooklyn relic and potentially messing with the Navy Yard’s redevelopment plans. Not that this comes as a total shock.
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    Rendition of the Timber Shed by Lucy Sikes c/o NPR.

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