Closing Bell: Inside a Crumbling S. Park Landmark


    The latest blog post from urban-explorer extraordinaire/photographer Nathan Kensinger digs into the landmark—and long abandoned—68th Police Precinct building on 43rd Street and 4th Avenue in Sunset Park. In addition to the excellent photos in the post such as the ones above, here’s what Kensinger has to say about the structure’s current state: “Today the station house is in poor condition. Its exterior still retains many evocative architectural elements, however the interior has been almost completely destroyed by fire and decay. Snow sifts through large holes in the roof. The upper floors have collapsed, while lower floors are missing, warped or dangerously unstable. Feral cats and pigeons roam the hollow space. A squatter’s mattress rots in a dark corner. In several pitch-black back rooms, sealed off from the sunlight, hundreds of handprints climb the walls.”
    Sunset Park: 68th Police Precinct [Nathan Kensinger] GMAP

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