House of the Day: 93 Wyckoff Street


    At first glance, this small Boerum Hill house, currently used as an artists’ live-work studio, seems priced like a development property. The building is small (2,200 square feet) and doesn’t look like much. It could be a 19th century stable with some unfortunate later alterations, such as the brick veneer, or it could be a later building with some older salvage additions, such as the stable door.

    On the other hand, the lot is large (42 by 100 square feet) and the building extends over more than half of it. There is also parking and a garden.

    Then again, the current building is using only a quarter of its FAR, or 8,300 buildable square feet. The listing suggests, “build up on the current footprint for a spectacular home. Or start over and build two separate homes in this great residential area — live in one and sell the other!”

    The ask is $6,000,000. What do you make of it?

    93 Wyckoff Street [Elliman] GMAP

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