House of the Day: 80 Conselyea Street


80 Conselyea is exactly the kind of house you’d expect to find near the second stop on the L train — a modest, working-class pad on a quiet neighborhoody street where you might see grandma passing the afternoon out in her front yard in a folding chair. This particular house weighs in at 2,280 square feet, putting the asking price of $1,350,000 at a multiple of almost $600 a foot. Not exactly a giveaway given that the place needs a complete makeover. But in a part of town where some apartments sell for as much as $1,000 a foot and not far from where male models have been known to flip similar houses for $2.5 million, maybe it’s not a stretch.
80 Conselyea Street [Aptsandlofts] GMAP P*Shark

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