House of the Day: 611 Macon Street


The photos are so small we can hardly make out what this house looks like. Suffice to say, there seem to be plenty of original details such as molding and fireplaces, but the house probably needs a mechanicals upgrade, new bathrooms and kitchens, wood stripping, and skimcoating throughout. It’s safe to assume any surface concealed under a mirror, carpet, ceiling tile, wallpaper, etc., could be toast. Also, the listing seems to be stretching the definition of Stuyvesant Heights, since this property is located east of Malcolm X at 611 Macon. Usually renovated houses in this area go for about $600,000 or so, but this one is unrenovated and they want $850,000. Think Bed Stuy is hot enough these days that they’ll get it?
611 Macon Street [Ideal Properties] GMAP P*Shark

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