House of the Day: 560 3rd Street


Curbed featured this townhouse at 560 3rd Street in Park Slope a few days ago, and said it looks “haunted.” We presume they meant that as a compliment. The limestone facade appears to be in great condition with unusual gothic castle details. Inside is wood work, parquet, fireplaces, and period lighting galore. The single-family house has seven bedrooms, and if the floor plan is up to date, all the original passthroughs and marble sinks and such are still there. It also has a roof deck and English basement. We even think we spot a working gas lamp out front. However, there are no photos of bathrooms or the kitchen, which does give us pause. For $3,550,000, trick or treat?
Park Slope Townhouse May Be Haunted [Curbed]
560 3rd Street [Townsley & Gay] GMAP P*Shark

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