House of the Day: 36 Garden Place


    This five-story brownstone at 36 Garden Place didn’t sell when it was a House of the Day in 2012 and listed for $10,000,000. Now it’s back on the market for $8,250,000 with a new broker (Stribling) and different photos. Some unusual artwork that appeared in the original listing is no longer pictured.

    The lavish 5,500-square-foot single-family home has elaborate plaster ceilings, six working fireplaces with ornate mantels (alabaster, according to the listing), views of the World Trade Center, a gym, office, temperature controlled wine cellar for 420 bottles, central air and a darkroom.

    While we’re sure no expense was spared in the renovation, the kitchen looks a touch dated as do the wall-to-wall carpets, and there are no photos of the bathrooms. The layout might also be a sticking point for some buyers: The kitchen and dining room are on the parlor floor, and the formal living room is on the bedroom floor above.

    The new ask works out to $1,500 a square foot, still on the high end even for Brooklyn Heights. Do you think it will get the deal done?

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