Historic, Fire-Ravaged Bed-Stuy Mansion Probably a Goner


    As noted on Monday, a fire broke out over the weekend at the historic Bedford-Stuyvesant house 804 Jefferson Avenue and the house next to it. Yesterday, in the early evening, reader David Keegan stopped by the scene to see how the properties were faring, and took the photo above, as well as the one on the jump. David had this to say: “When I stopped by, at about 5 p.m., there was a crew pulling beams out of both 804 Jefferson and the adjacent house. They were also walling off the front yards from the sidewalk with plywood sheets. There was a cop out front from the 81st Precinct who was none to happy to see me on the sidewalk with a camera. …I asked her if anyone was hurt in the fire; she said no.” David also adds: “The devastation is such a shame; those were once someones’ beautiful homes, and jewels in the neighborhood.” So sad. It does not look like the property is long for this world. For more history on 804 Jefferson, read Montrose Morris’s article about it from a year-and-a-half ago.
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