Heights Citi Bike Station Covered in Trash


    A Citi Bike docking station in front of 150 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights was buried in mounds of trash over the weekend, reportedly by tenants of the building who are angry about the placement of the rack, according to The New York Post. In May, the paper reported the building, above, which also goes by the address 130 Clinton Street, planned to sue Citi Bike. If we read the story correctly, the stations are located in the same place as where the building used to formerly set out its trash, and now the building’s garbage has to be set out in front of other buildings on the block. “We feel this is not the right spot,” for the bike rack, commented Anneke Berkem, a resident of the block for 17 years. “There are other places in the neighborhood. We have a very crowded neighborhood. We were never consulted.”
    Angry Tenants Trash Citi Bike Racks — Literally [NY Post]

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