Habitat for Humanity Big in Bed Stuy


    Habitat for Humanity is having a big impact in Bed Stuy, fixing up seven run-down tenements and turning them into affordable and “green” housing for low-income buyers. Apartments will cost from $98,000 to $250,000, and are available to first-time buyers who meet the low income requirements. Terms are sweet: 200 hours of sweat equity per person, a 1 percent down payment, and interest rates of 2 percent. Many of the buildings are LEED certified, with high-efficiency boilers and other cost-saving features. Pictured is 849 Halsey Street, which faces Saratoga Park on the Eastern edge of Bed Stuy. It is on track to be completed in August, as are buildings on Marion and Monroe streets, and owners will start moving in as early as September. Buildings on Ralph Avenue and Bainbridge Street were recently completed. Slated to open next year are apartments on Jefferson Ave. and Madison Street. All are part of Habitat-NYC’s 100 Homes in Brooklyn initiative to turn vacant buildings in Bed Stuy and Ocean Hill-Brownsville into affordable housing.
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